How to Create an Outstanding Portfolio

How to Create an Outstanding Portfolio

If you're looking to break into the creative field and build a portfolio, this is a great resource. Plenty of insight and advice on what to do and why, along with great examples that span multiple industries. This can help point you in the right direction when creating a portfolio.

Alley and Rae Apparel has developed products over time that follow the latest trend, however our website is designed to make a statement about our values. No matter what line of business you are in, it is essential to make sure that you can showcase your work to potential clients or employers. 

When selecting an overall look or theme of a website, consider color schemes and what affect they will have on your business. If you are aiming for professional and simple, consider neutral colors. This wouldn't be a portfolio type that needs several different font types and cursive handwriting doodles. On that same token, it is completely up to your own decision if you aim for a bold and colorful theme. 

Consider who will be viewing your portfolio or website because that will help you navigate what message is okay to leave off with. For example, if you are a wedding photographer it would be worth it to upload several multimedia examples that are aligned with the services you provide. 

Artificial intelligence is changing the way that business owners and creators show up in the world. There are several tools for copywriters, resume builders, photographers, and shop owners to use to build incredible digital media products. If you are new to artificial intelligence, consider searching up on the web using AI words along with task you are looking to have completed. 

Remember, artificial intelligence is not a complete replacement to the work that needs to be done. It is simply a resource that is now available to internet users to accomplish higher quality work and alleviate some of the time that it takes. If you are on the fence on whether AI would be beneficial to your business, it would be helpful to get the advice of others with more experience. 

It is never too late to research, learn, or try something new because the world is constantly changing. For example, LinkedIn has became one of the largest networking sites for professionals in every industry to use. It isn't meant to be messy, but it can be personal and insightful to how you show up in the world. 

Create hype around what you are creating or building, and share it with your social networking sites. You might be under the impression that your followers are sick of what you are posting, however the free marketing that can be completed by your own fingertips is extremely powerful. 



  1. Revise your theme, colors, fonts, and main concept often. 
  2. Upload multi-faceted content or examples that amplify what you are capable of. 
  3. Link your social networking sites with good taste, do not put a personal page on a business project. 
  4. Watch YouTube videos, webinars, and marketing courses from time to time. 
  5. Constantly put yourself out there by updating your resume, generating leads, having an email list, and putting your own personal touch on what you do. 
  6. Look for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors 
  7. Avoid being repetitive with your words (this is SO common) 
  8. Include a news-worthy photograph of yourself! 
  9. Remember to upload your work that you're completing so that you are not saturated with too many tasks. 
  10. Hire somebody to assist you with your portfolio that offers skills that would help your end result. 

Identify your audience, develop a brand with a consistent message, and then create content that tells your story and connects you with an audience that is hungry for more of you! 



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